Registration Form for the

Seven Card Stud International Poker Club

(S C S I P C)

In order to set you up on my System, would you please fill out this Form.

When I receive it, if everything is complete, I will send you a confirmation notice that
I'm processing your Registration request.

After I have created a copy of the Client Program and Documentation for your use,
I will send you the procedure to use for doing a File Transfer (FTP) from my System
to yours. 

After you access the System the first time, I will send you a note of Introduction and
Recognition that you are now a member of the Club.

One month after you first accesss the System, if I haven't heard from you before, I will
send you a Note asking how you like the System.

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This is a Maximum of nine(9) Characters. It can be a combination of Upper and Lower case Alphabetic, Numeric and the Underscore (_). As this is the name that you will be known by on the System when playing the Game, you should choose a name that you can identify with and enjoy being known as.

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